Lynn Humphrey

Lynn grew up on the east coast and moved to Santa Barbara with her husband, Garry, in 2001. Santa Barbara had long been a retirement dream although it would be another 14 years before retirement became a reality. Following a career as Vice President of Sales and Business Development for a Blue Cross plan in Upstate New York Lynn accepted a position as practice administrator for the medical oncology group at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. After spending years in the corporate world it was time to focus on the creative side of her personality. She quickly learned that art is a jealous master and demands full concentration with few distractions!

“After a brief flirtation with watercolors I was encouraged by a dear friend who is a well known pastel artist to try pastels and I knew that I had found my medium. The gorgeous colors and the immediacy of painting with pastels stirred my imagination as I embarked on this new adventure! I initially took an adult education class at Santa Barbara City College and quickly realized how much I had to learn. Since that time I have studied with several local instructors including Bert Collins and Jannene Behl in Ojai, CA. I am indebted to them for their guidance!”

“Painting has changed and shaped the way in which I see the world. I no longer look at a landscape, the sea or a sunset in the same way. Now I notice shapes and colors, I notice how the atmosphere impacts the horizon or mountains in the distance. I am continually looking for the next vista that will challenge my abilities as an artist to create what I’m seeing and bring it to life on my easel. When someone says that my painting speaks to them then I know that I’ve created a successful painting. Creating art is an amazing journey and sharing art is pure joy!”

Lynn is a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, Goleta Valley Art Association, Southern California Artists Painting for the Enviroment (SCAPE), the Mesa Studio Artists, the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the Pastel Society of Southern California.

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