Danuta Bennett

My work resides on the edge of memory and imagination…a visual metaphor of material and metaphysical realms I often refer to as “Memory Palaces”. I see myself as an expressive
representational artist
 who focuses on the emotional content of a scene by capturing the realistic structure of the subject in pursuit of that what is hidden, and I am often intrigued by the empathic relation with the physical dynamics of the subject. 

Being born in Poland and now living in Santa Barbara has added a certain amount of artifice to my life, influencing my artistic point of view. In my work, I explore the disappearing memories and points of view from my past with the newly found places around me now.  I often feel like an explorer and interpreter who deciphers those worlds through artistic expressions. You will find a certain feeling of duality in almost all my art, either in the subject or selection of the colors or lack of them.  My fascination with geometric aesthetics, architectural designs and textures may come from my scientific background and early graphic design work, when art was an escape from my rather hectic life. In time, what was just a getaway became a way of living.
I believe there is no “right” or “wrong” way to represent the inner or outer worlds.  I do not limit myself to one medium, subject or style since my inspiration, ideas and handling of the medium is constantly evolving. My drawings allow me to focus on the complexity of lines and rendering processes. My paintings give me the freedom to experiment with the textures, light and color. Through my photographic art, I often venture into in the realm of illustrating the atmosphere of the scene, by experimenting with the quality of light and perspectives.
In all my creations, the anticipation of the unknown fuels my artistic explorations. I go through the process of giving structure to what appears chaotic at first. Each final creation is a relic that documents my journey and contains a blueprint of my creative genesis. 


Danuta Bennett is a Polish born artist who specializes in expressive representational art. She works predominantly in the medium of painting and drawings, but often ventures into photograph and digital art in search of inspirations. Her artistic creations often possess an evocative, dreamy character while representing recognizable subjects. Danuta’s images express a duality that springs from her roots in Eastern European background and exploration of Western world, which is her current surrounding. After receiving her doctoral degree in paleolimnology (climate reconstruction from micro fossils) and moving to United States, she pursued her career as an ecologist, while Danuta’s constant interest in art finds its outlet in various aspect of her life through painting and photography as she continues to be involved in creative arts. Danuta’s artwork has also been featured in scientific magazines (New Scientist, The Epoch Times and World Environment News).

After spending over 25 years in the scientific world she finally was able to fully embrace her life as an artist. Danuta currently lives and works in Santa Barbara, where she opened her studio. She also runs her business (The Aeolian Center for Psychotherapy and Creativity), and together with her husband they are providing seminars for local therapist and artists.

She has exhibited and won awards in juried shows and continues to show her most recent work in local venues. Presently she is an active member and past vice president of The Santa Barbara Art Association, and member of The Carpinteria Art Center.





I can be contacted at: art@danutabennett.com