Niki Richter-Lunn

Niki LunnLocal artist Niki Lunn was born and raised in England, but came to the United States for University. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BFA in Studio and Art History she worked as an art teacher in E. Lansing and Ann Arbor. Relocating to Florida she taught art to ages K-12, including special ed.  She took a Masters in Psychology in Florida State University and started using Art Therapy in San Diego, Ca. for a number of Non-Profit counseling programs. After meeting her husband she then traveled for the next 20 years in Europe, teaching and studying art.

Throughout her career and travels she has never lost her interest in art, it still remains her first love and the constant provider of so much joy and peace of mind.  In every new city it is the art museums that draw her attention first, their bounty of beautiful work a perfect mirror to the culture and time that they represent.

As time has progressed, her paintings often turn to nature for inspiration, as it is a universal subject, unhindered by language or boundaries and offers an unlimited range of possibilities, colors and meanings to the eye of the beholder.

Currently based in Santa Barbara with her husband of 22 years and daughter who is a fourth year Architecture major at Cal Poly University, Niki continues to explore the wealth of colors in nature, giving us glimpses into the inspiration it gives to her work.