Nancy Hull

NancyHullI’m a relative late-comer to art, having spent my college years and working life in biology and chemistry. During those years, I found a little time for classes in ceramics, stained glass and drawing, but my life-long interest and immersion in the natural world and its processes heavily influence my paintings.

Inspiration for me is found in images that elicit joy in some way, perhaps the humor of bird behavior, the mystery of a somber forest or the beauty of tropical waters. My fulfillment is in seeing the recreation of the scene with my own hand and hopefully sharing those feelings with the viewer.

My heartfelt thanks go to artists Gaye Adams, Deborah Breedon, Linda Foster and Cathy Quiel for their patient and good-natured encouragement and instruction, and to my CLL classmates for their comradery.

Current Memberships:
SBAA (board member)
Los Padres Watercolor Society

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