Ellen Yeomans

Ellen Yeomans I feel that I belong, in some fundamental way, outdoors.

I grew up in Southern California in a camping, geologizing, ocean-loving family; spent my early adulthood on the beaches around UCSB, living in tents at craft fairs, gardening, backpacking, mountain biking.

Many things came into focus for me when I discovered plein air painting, my best way of being outdoors.

Painting encompasses all of my interests, experiences, loves; the smell of dirt, my dad’s minerals and lizard skins, tree-climbing, the quiet before birdsong starts, the support of my family, the goodness of food, sun, moving water.

I strive to make my paintings convey some part of the joy, excitement, and peace that I experience in the making of them.

Contact Ellen at (805) 962-5619, email her at ellen771@msn.com or visit her website at ellenyeomanslandscapes.blogspot.com

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